Q. Do you warranty your frames?

A. Yes. We warranty all of our frames for up to a year. The warranty is applied from the day you purchase the frame.

Q.Are your frames factory fresh?

A.Yes. We buy all of our frames directly from popular eyewear manufacturers from around the world. We do not purchase any of our frames third party.

Q. Are your frames discontinued?

A. We like to call them overstocks or oppurtunity buys. They are usually a few seasons old, but in some of the collections you will see current frames.

Q. Do you offer any current collections?

A.Yes. Per Uomo, which is a men's collection is all current product. It is all made in Italy in a small family owned factory that has been making eyewear for over 75 years.

Q.Do we do returns?

A. Unfortunately, no. The price point on our product is so good that it is not necessary.